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07/12/2016 - The generation of donors: from matures to Generation Z
A computer graphic posted on Classy shows the key differences in the characteristics of donors to non-profit organisations, based on their age.

19/10/2016 - Omaze, a platform for fundraising with the help of celebrities
The crowd-funding project offers fans the opportunity to win unique experiences for a ten dollars donation. 

26/02/2016 - Donate Button on Facebook: Learn how to get donations from your followers
This tool is a Call to Action button that redirects the page fan to your crowdfunding website.

12/12/2015 - Teaming: 6 years, 100,000 people and 3 million euros
The crowdfunding platform based upon €1 donations, which found a supporting point among us to go online, is proposing a different, innovative and collaborative method of collective funding.   

23/10/2015 - The Splitfy crowdfunding platform, also for NGOs
This platform allows creating sponsorship spaces, where it is possible to invite friends, partners or volunteers to participate. The idea is to initiate crowdfunding campaigns for any occasion.

24/03/2011 - Crowdfunding platforms: the revolution for non-profit organizations
Crowdfunding is a new phenomenon in online world, that creates great oportunities for NGO's to raise money for their causes. Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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