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15/06/2017 - How can you publicise and share your NGO events?
The organisation of activities, workshops, conferences, courses or seminars is a common everyday task for non-profit organisations. We can tell you about a few tricks to maximise your performance using the tools provided by the internet.

10/10/2016 - Why are emojis useful for your NGO's social media?
Digital communication is becoming increasingly visual. Emoticons help to create a link between the message and its audience and, in many cases, increase the interaction with your posts.

03/05/2013 - The power of Powtoon presentations
Inspired by James Humes: "The art of communication is the language of leadership," we have been thinking about a perfect tool to help make a presentation that keeps the audience interested.

04/03/2010 - Communication during Times of Crisis
Leandro Fernández Miró wrote an article in CiComunica titled Haiti, NGOs and Communication, which I found interesting and worthy of sharing. Leandro presents critical arguments of the media during times of crisis, and presents an alternative way to improve journalism. The following is a summary of the most important and controversial parts of the article ...

13/07/2009 - Twitter : communicate briefly and efficiently ?
Twitter or micro-blogging. In other words, the possibility to post on your account short messages of 140 characters maximum. More verbal logorrhoea, concision and especially massive amount of links. Twitter is like helping information, improving its spreading. Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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