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Translation Changes Lives! An initiative worth knowing about

Translation Changes Lives!, an initiative of The Rosetta Foundation, aims to finance the organisation and its magnificent translation work for NGOs. is one of the partner organisations providing support to the campaign.


The Rosetta Foundation, which has its headquarters in Dublin and collaborates with the Foundation, has launched a crowdfunding campaign under the name Translation Changes Lives! on the portal Indiegogo. The not-for-profit organisation is looking to raise funds to enable it to continue making its project a sustainable initiative. is the online platform managed by the organisation, a non-profit service where social organisations from across the world can upload their projects and have them translated into different languages by volunteers.

Currently, the platform has 8.000 volunteers and 200 registered organisations. To join up, you just need to register your organisation, create a profile and start sharing your projects with the community of volunteer translators. invites all organisations to use the translation service and to participate in the Indiegogo campaign, which runs until Monday 10th August 2015, by following this link:


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Amanda Moody
on 30/07/2015
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