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Muevala, a new economical service to send packages.

Muevala is a social network that is devoted to help the currency of goods through the whole world and for a low-cost.

The goods can differ from personal gifts, small packages, commercial samples etc. Taking advantage of the gaps in the luggage of travelers, they connect people with the same destination point, so that they can share the transport. Muevala Network acts as a link between the people or companies with the same destination, charging only a small amount of money for the inscription.

Especially for NGO´s, Muevala promotes groups that travel to third world countries, taking the advantage of available space in the luggages, to transport medical and health equipment to hospitals, orphanages etc. By this way, the groups can bring the equipment for free to places that really need the help. It is a way for travelers to get in contact with the local people, and positively contribute to the country they visit.

An economic and environment friendly initiative.

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iris kuntze
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