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Tutorial for merging Two Facebook pages into a Single one.

Before you start, there are several things that you should keep in mind.
  • The name of the 2 pages should be practically the same. Could vary in a few characters, otherwise you couldn´t merge them.
  • You will lose all the information in one of the pages. You will keep all the fans, but you have to upload once again the information. We recommend you to make a backup of the two pages.
  • The page with fewer fans is merged to the other.
  • The Page that absorbed the other, due the merge, should have more than 200 likes, otherwise, you wouldn´t be allowed to merge the pages.

So, let's start:

-Take for granted that you have 2 pages with almost the same name.
-Make a Security backup of the fanpage - There are tools online to make it. This is just one of them. At tyou can sign up for the personal free version, which is free and that allows you to store up to 1 GB with a weekly frequency of 3 accounts in social networks.

-Follow the 5 steps that Facebook tells you here: That is to say:
  1. Check that you're using Facebook with your own identity and not as your page. Go to the page that you want to preserve.
  2. At the top of your page, click on Edit page
  3. Select Edit settings
  4. Select merge pages and click in Merge the duplicate pages
  5. Complete the form and click Send

This "Merge Pages" option only is available for pages that represent the same and have similar names.

Merging pages, merge all the visits and all the "I like", but the rest of the content such as publications, photos and the user name is removed forever from the page that you don't want to keep. The content of the page you want to keep is not modified, only addition of visits and the 'likes' of the other merged page.

The page that you do not keep is removed from Facebook and you can´t undo the merge.

If you have multiple pages that you want to merge, you can try to ask Facebook to do so from this page:

Other Url you might find helpful:

Request to Merge Your Duplicate Pages:
Convert My Business Account to a Personal Account:

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Clara Garcia
Translation by juan ramirez
on 06/12/2013
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