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Capture your audience's attention with online looping videos

Need a quick trick to capture your target audience’s attention?  Vine, an app released by Twitter a few months ago, allows companies to get creative with their marketing techniques.

Vine allows users to create 6-second looped videos free of charge.  It can be accessed through a preexisting Twitter account or through a new, separate account.  Similar to twitter, Vine also uses hash tags, making it easy to promote videos.  The videos can easily be shared over other social media networks, such as Facebook.

A huge advantage of Vine is its 6-second limit on videos.  The amount of time allotted is long enough to get your message across without losing the attention of the viewer.  It also encourages companies to be more creative and focus on visuals rather than speech and text.

Vine is the perfect tool for promoting upcoming events, recapping old ones, and simply explaining what your company does.

Here are two Vine examples created by and



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