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Google+ improves access to video calls by adding sign language

It is important that new technologies always include options for people with disabilities, and that is why we like seeing that Google, the most popular search engine right now, has thought of creating a new tool for people who are deaf.

Google+ has added sign language to its video call application known as Hangout.
This new application makes it possible for people with hearing difficulties to have a conversation easily by inviting an interpreter to join. The interpreter will appear in a video on the upper right of the window, and will take the central position when addressing the other users.
There is still not a lot of information about the members of this team of interpreters, or about whether this service will be available only in English or in various languages. Currently we only know that it will come gradually.

Another important feature added to the videoconference service is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts for 8 different actions, including: muting or un-muting the microphone, turning the camera on or off, or opening and closing a conversation, all without having to use the mouse.
Google is contributing greatly to the facilitation of communication between people at a distance.  On top of that, these latest innovations will considerably facilitate access and use by people with disabilities.

Anna Di Matera
Translation by Sally Seward
on 09/05/2013
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