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An example of how to access NGOs' services.
Throughout its 45 year history the co-operative credit society "Engineers Fund" has been and remains today an entity committed to society. The "Engineers Fund", in accordance with these values and an awareness of the key transformative role that NGOs play in our society, offers options to the entities which have this legal status within the sector.

The "Engineers Fund Foundation" is the vehicle through which the "Engineers Fund" fulfils its responsibilities. It focusses on actions which contribute to improving quality of life, community development, environmental protection and spreading and promoting cooperatives, among other things.

The Engineers Fund even has an accessible pioneering electronic banking platform whose objective is to bring additional benefit to its partners. This tool has the Euracet AA certification which proves its ease of use and allows users with disabilities to perform any task through the entity's webpage. Together with the Accessibility Foundation (Via Lliure) and ONCE, the "Engineers Fund" has developed a Braille map so that people with visual impairments can use their online bank.

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Anna Di Matera
Translation by Josephina Worrall
on 30/04/2013
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