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Crowdfunding has done a study on the phenomenon crowdfunding. In their report they present the results, based on 135 out of 452 crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) that participated in the study.

In 2011 almost 1.5 billion dollar was raised to fund crowd funding campaign. Over one million campaigns were successfully run by CFPs. The majority of crowdfunding organizations are from Europe and North America, where the largest market for fundraising is.

Basically there are four types of CFPs:
• Equity-based crowdfunding
• Lending-based crowdfunding
• Reward-based crowdfunding
• Donation-based crowdfunding
Equity-based and lending-based are most effective for digital goods. On average, these categories raised the largest sum of money per campaign. Reward-based and donation-based crowd funding organizations perform best on caused-based campaigns that appeal funders’ personal beliefs and passions.

Click here to review the full report on crowdfunding.

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