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Teaming Online, now accepting credit cards!

Teaming is an initiative that serves as a platform for micro donations. With Teaming, you can make the difference in people’s life through one monthly, small, contribution.

Individuals and organizations who are part of Teaming, donate 1 euro a month to different social causes. The social causes promoted could be created by you! 

You, along with thousands of people can now JOIN this initiative, all you have to do is register! Teaming is a project that has existed since 1998. It counts with the support from various companies that together collect 200,000 euros a month. Teaming online is an extension of the project born in 2012. With Teaming Online you can now register you or an organization and make the payment online! Now you can use your credit card, debit card and even make a money transaction. It is easy and fast, JOIN US!

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Monica Duran
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