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Ask questions, give answers and view the responses of others. YVOU provides video recorded answers to real everyday problems, enabling NGOs to gain information faster and more effectively.

offers first hand knowledge based on the personal experiences of others. NGOs can make an account to have others following their organization and its progress, advertise and keep track on new information by following the trendy conversations. 
More than just a site to view the responses to the questions, VYOU functions as a way of communicating through the media and learning what people all around the world are interested in and  are ‘talking about.’ Conveniently, VYOU’s first search engine allows you to select a particular group, person or organization you want to follow. In the second search  ngine you can easily type in your topic of interest and see what others have recorded. Furthermore, VYOU can give NGO’s the competitive edge in a multifaceted technology based world, while allowing NGOs to gain more followers and follow others.      Sign up today using your Facebook! 


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