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How many internet users are willing to support your cause ? conducted the research “Solidarity and Me” with the collaboration of over 28 NGOs.
The development was done by TwoMuch research studio and Netquest that surveyed over 2500 internet users in Spain and all over the world about their preferences to donate and support charitable causes and NGOs.

Below we highlight the results of the study that has a margin error of  2,9% for a confident interval of 95%.

Below follows the segmentation of the replies and the percentages that correspond to the question: 
"Imagine that you are offered a solidary iniciative with which you agree and you find it trustworthy. Which situation describes you the most ?"

-Usually I contribute directly with money.
-I think about it first but it's probable that I'll contribute money.
-I think about it quite a bit and am extremely selective.
-Normally I don't contribute with money. 

This study indicates that 6% of spanish users consider themselves openly predisposed to contributing directly, and that 21% additional users are sufficiently probable to contributing.

This is to say, there is a flow of 5,4 million people (27% of these spanish users) permeable to direct contributions, if the projects generate enough interest and confidence.

The study is available in Spanish at

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