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7 communication virtues that will attract contributions to your solidarity project. conducted the research “Solidarity and Me” with the collaboration of over 28 NGOs.
The development was done by TwoMuch research studio and Netquest that surveyed over 2500 internet users in Spain and all over the world about their preferences to donate and support charitable causes and NGOs.

Below we highlight the results of the study that has a margin error of  2,9% for a confident interval of 95%.

The 7 communication virtues that will attract contributions to your solidarity project:

-Feel the transparency, understand in a triple sense:
  • Where is the destination of the funds
  • Who is behind the project.
  • Clearly understand the goal of this project.

-Affinity with proposition: To personally agree 100% with the goal.

-Perceive professionalism in the organization that promotes and leads the initiative.

-Closeness with beneficiaries: There is an extra interest if the benefits of the initiative hit closer to home.

-To go beyond what is seen as “classic” help:Projects that give awareness to all kinds of people and that not only focus on helping the most needy.

-Feedback on achievements: The project informs about it's achievements, results, and advances.

 -Suitable complements: 
  • The mechanism should be easily accessible to collaborate with along with being effortless, and comfortable
  • The organization promoting the initiative should present past successful experiences
  • Have decent people with prestigious recognition participate
  • Ambitious projects with massive impacts:Supported by thousands of people and that persues big scale changes

The study is available in Spanish at


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