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4 factors of discouragement that will drive your supporters away conducted the research “Solidarity and Me” with the collaboration of over 28 NGOs.
The development was done by TwoMuch research studio and Netquest that surveyed over 2500 internet users in Spain and all over the world about their preferences to donate and support charitable causes and NGOs.

Below we highlight the results of the study that has a margin error of  2,9% for a confident interval of 95%.

4 factors of discouragement that will drive your supporters away:

-Participation in initiatives (even if they are the idea of the century) of organizations or institutions that aren't reliable, especially those involving politics, religion,big companies or entrepreneurs..

-Perceive lack of transparency.

-Sensation of “emotional manipulation”: When it communicates through alarmism, paternalism, is seeks easy tears or transmits some kind of guilt to the citizen.

-Hesitation to introduce personal data on the site, especially dealing with bank details and economic contributions.

The study is available in Spanish at


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