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Headline news, create your social campaign or your web poll is a virtual platform where citizens can express their opinions, ask questions and vote social campaigns.

One of our Facebook Fans lately posted on our wall an information that the new Internet platform has been launched. mission is to promote information and communication technologies as tools for solidarity and progress in society. Thus, thank to social networking, we decided to start cooperation with and now we are very excited to present you the internet platform which might be of great use for many NGOs.

How does it work?
allows organizations to create campaigns and surveys, that internet users can later sign and vote. Let's take the example of Jane
Goodall Institute in Spain
and their recent campaign "Movilizate por la selva".
The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the problems affecting African ecosystem and to convince people to recycle their mobile phones. By doing so, they donate the education and conservation programs supporting the development of the Republic of Congo. Jane Goodall Institute in Spain created the poll, which consists of 3 questions. The aim of the poll is to a raise awareness, make people reflect on the social and ecological impact of demand for coltan. The poll is linked to the website, where people can actually find information on how to join the campaign.

How to create a campaign or a poll?

1. You need to register first. You will be asked to give basic information about your organization.
2. Then you have to enter your private area and click "Create Campaign" or "Create a Poll". You complete the fields with the required information.
3. If you want to upload more than one photo, remember that the last you upload, will appear as a main for your campaign.
4. You can also include a letter, which appears closed and the reader can click on it to get additional information.

*If you want to collect signatures to show them to any public or private institution, it is important that you notify about it in the explanatory text.
5. Once you created your campaign remember to promote it via your networks. offers a tool to send the request for signature to your contacts (this is the last step in the process of creating the campaign).

6. You can also embed the campaign in your own website. In the private area just go to "See my campaigns" or "See my polls" and you will see the bottom "Code for the web". You will see the CODE which you have to paste into your web administration panel. You will also be able to check how the box will look like and you can personalize it to match with your web.
The results of the survey are public, anyone can see them by clicking on "See Results". However, can additionally send you the number of people who have seen the poll/campaign.

For the moment is in Spanish, however you can find an automatic translator at the bottom of the home page. The standard campaigns and polls are free of charge. If you want to have your campaign highlighted you need to buy a Premium Pack.

If you may know any new, interesting initiatives, let us know on

To see more go to:

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