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Jumo, the social network for NGOs

Jumo, launched by the Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, offers an unprecedented hub for non-profit groups and organizations: it aims to be a social network for social causes.

Jumo is a social network connecting individuals and organizations who want to change the world. It enables people to find, follow and support those working toward solutions on the ground in their community and in regions across the globe.

Jumo makes it easy to find current projects, follow the latest news and updates so that individuals can easily choose, to which of them they want to contribute their time, money or skills.

The social network is open to all organizations or groups with a charitable mission, from the soup kitchen down the street to a rural health clinic in India.

However, Jumo cannot accept organizations whose primary activity is influencing legislation or campaigning for political candidates.

You can add your organization or project by going to “Add a Project” at the bottom of every Jumo page.

Profile on Jumo enables to edit organizational or project information and add or remove content that appears on your news stream.

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