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Fundrazr, now you can receive donations via Facebook

Those of us supporting NGOs or not for profit projects can now invite our friends to make donations towards our cause.

Paypal, the most commonly used payment method on the internet, has announced the launch of Fundrazr, an application developed for Facebook, which could be a rapid and efficient tool for helping us to collect funds.

Fundrazr is an application that you can include on your Facebook page to collect money easily: for a campaign, a cause, a group, a team, a club or an organisation.

The application allows you to manage donations, run collection campaigns, sell admissions and manage membership subscriptions.

The process of donating via Facebook will help to develop a culture of giving among the young.

Thanks to its low cost and the simplicity of the tool, it is a really interesting alternative for developing and broadening the field of microdonation within your organisation.

For more information you can visit:

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Claudio Molino
Translation by Christopher Carver
on 10/09/2010
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