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Write the good press release

 2010 is starting and in, we decided to update our press release. The opportunity also to give you some pertinent advices.

Writing a press release needs time and concentration. You have to elaborate your target and follow your objectives.

A press release is used in any firms, organizations or institutions in order to explain your actions to a third party. It's a written presentation. We have to find some practical and key informations such as the setting up date, the place but also the colloborators' names. The point is not to write an entire biography about your organization but think your readers are looking for markers.

> While working on the web, you know it's not necessary to write a lot. You won't be read.
> Think short and direct.
> Add images to brighten it up.
> Space out your editing.
> Be honest and illustrate your premises with online links.
> Check the links, there is nothing worse than a dead link.

Finally, if you still have some courage, you can write to press release depending on your target: one for journalists, on for others NGOs, one for institutions…

Let's write it!

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Margot Berg
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