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Shifted Copenhagen United Nations Conference on climate change

Did you miss the main events of the United Nations Conference on climate change? There are some websites to give you a clue about what was happening in Copenhague those days.

1. COP15 on Twitter and the fan page on Facebook. Two elements to follow the events step by step. Official ressources from the United Nations, they will also be updated by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. A website streaming the conference 24/7 in order to watch interviews, lectures and speeches.

3. Google Earth Tour. Google Earth has created a serie about health, renewable energy, nature and ocean preservation issues, seeking out the damages of the global warming process.

4. In my Backyard. The National Energy Laboratory created an online tool to measure the amount of electricity you can produce through solar and wind power in your backyard. Unfortunately the service only works in Northern America.

5.'s Youtube Channel. Follow citizens' protestations and movements on Copenhague's streets. Every day new reportings are posted on the channel.

Margot Berg
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