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Project Dono: when big firms help NGOs

Project Dono was created in the United States five years ago. Today, more than 250 millions dollars were spread over 50000 non-profit organizations such as

What is Dono?
First of all it's a partnership with Technosite and TechSoup Global whom aim is to help NGOs and non-profit organizations having hardwares. Dono is the driving wheel between big firms as Microsoft, Cisco or Vodafone and NGOs. The project is running in Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium and Poland.

Why Dono?
NGOs' budget is often small and each save is usefull. Giving some hardwares allow them to focus on their missions and help them working in a professional way. Although, Dono's beneficiaries can have a client support.

How does it work?
Dono is not open to everyone. You have to be a NGO or a non-profit organization. Once, part of the program, vous can apply for different services depending on your needs. The last service: Windows 7 update for only 5€68 that is 96% cut. As a result, NGOs focuse more on their own projects than on financial issues.

Discover and be part of Project Dono!

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Margot Berg
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