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Use the Internet to denounce social violences

Nowadays, your mobile can help you from being threatened. In Kenya, Ory Okollo created a website, named, to denounce social and political violence, murder, torture and sexual abuses.

Unfortunately these situations are common in Africa but now thanks to new technologies, it's possible to grab testimonies and make light of the injured.
Ushahidi means "testimony" in Swahili, a language spoken for over 80 millions people in Africa.

How does it work? Ushahidi is a collaborating platform where everyone can send a message via SMS, email or web and visualize it either on a map or a timeline.
The developers, coming from Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and receiving support from the USA and the Netherlands, had one technical goal. Create the simplest way of gathering information from and for the public as an answer to various issues.

That's why we particulary wanted to insist on this free and open source project. In addition to offering a method of tracking, Ushahidi is also a project and a space to broaden new uses of Internet technologies in Africa. Last friday, was invited to a conference about the benefits of mobile phones and Internet in Africa and South America for the most disadvantaged. After a theoric explanation, writing an article about Ushahidi makes sense.

Ushahidi is very successful and its creator, Ory Okollo wants to spread her idea through all parts of the world in trouble. For her, it's a way of expression and so one of the most fundamental human right. For instance, the collected datas are useful for all kind of researches, trials, NGOs, media, governments, citizens who want to found out what happened in these trouble times.

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Margot Berg
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