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Mondo Services : translations only for NGO's

Mondo Services was created in 2007 with a very specific target: offer translations services for NGO's and non profit oragnizations.

Eighteenth months after its creation, the Spanish company Mondo Services bring together more then 80 participants and collaborators. It offers translations specialized in the new tehcnologies field in 27 languages. Of course, Spanish, German, French, English and Italian are the most requiered but you can also ask for Russian, Danish, Japonese or Turkish translations.

To be granted for this free translation, there are several specifications:
- be part either of a NGO, or a fundation or a non-profit organization. They like to collaborate on projects in line with environnemental issues,charity, education, information, injustices denunciations, skills promotion and open-source programs.
- mention the translator name
- translation with a maximum of 8000 words
- translations have to be part of a yet existing project
- translations are only for the website
- the website has to be free and legal
- translations have to be useful

Most of your organizations can apply for this project. Having a good translated website is important to improve your communication. First of all, you have right now a possibility to increase the number of your readers all over the world. Then, you have an international visibility. At last but not least, for reduced budget's NGOs, this process is really usefull and helpful: you have a chance to promote and make attractive your actions and project. And, for those who are attracted by translations, it can be the time to join a dynamic team and to turn your skills to good account!

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Margot Berg
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