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Protect your e-mail from SPAM

Many times you will need to publish an e-mail address on your website, but then become quickly overwhelmed by SPAM and junk e-mails. We have tricks that can help you if such problems develop.

When you publish an e-mail address in text format directly onto a website, you are immediately susceptible to the unwanted attentions of SPAM robots. These robots will then store and use your e-mail addresses to send you an array of unwanted nuisances. To counter this, there are several options that involve creating images that will put your e-mail in image form and hide the contact information from non-human eyes.

MailToEncoder offers another option, which encrypts any e-mail address using JavaScript. All you have to do is report the unsolicited e-mail and retrieve the code MailToEncoder sends you.

How does it work?

*You just simply enter the e-mail you want to encode in the space that is provided.

*Click on the button ENCODE

*You will then be provided with a code, just enter it exactly as is appears.

*Copy the code into the space provided for the e-mail, and your done!

As you can see, our system uses an algorithm to rearrange the characters, so that if a robot tries to read the source code to obtain your e-mail it will have much more work than it bargained for.

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Translation by Lindsey Liese
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