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Google Chrome Dual View :compare your web pages

Google Chrome, Google’s web browser, from now on offers to see a web page in a whole new way.

By downloading a plugin – Chrome Dual View – you can display two screens under a single tab. On the website, you can try the plugin. Of course, it is better if you have a large screen (15 inches minimum, in order to get the best of this option).

This way  you don’t need to juggle between windows anymore. It is a really useful improvement for comparison for example.

Moreover, if your organisation’s website is multilingual, you are able to work with both languages at the same time. Copying and pasting become easy and practical and it saves a considerable amount of time. The other advantage is that it reduces the risk of making a mistake when you have to publish texts.

Once again, Google innovates with its browser Chrome. It was already rapid and intuitive but now, it offers new possibilities that its competitors do not offer. It is in the lead of the pioneer and intuitive browsers.

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Margot Berg
Translation by Erika Olavarria wittwer
on 07/08/2009
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