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Twitter : communicate briefly and efficiently ?

Twitter or micro-blogging. In other words, the possibility to post on your account short messages of 140 characters maximum. More verbal logorrhoea, concision and especially massive amount of links. Twitter is like helping information, improving its spreading.

As for NGOs, stake might be interesting. By publishing daily news flash dealing with the country’ situation where you are located or concerning your moves, you are making sure that your followers (people who regularly read your articles) will be more receptive to your mission.

In fact, as other social networks emerging since a couple of years, Twitter is a way to communicate type web 2.0. You share your information instantaneously and your followers react or not… Everything depends on your targets.

In order to optimize at the most your NGO’s communication, you have to choose contents to emphasize. Don’t bother flooding your profile every hour: information won’t be read. You’d better choose some pertinent news.

Why Twitter? Following the example of Facebook or Delicious, Twitter is an easy and accessible way to transmit your organisation’s interventions. Considered as a pioneer within information ecosystem, it is disrupting the traditional means of communication.

As we saw recently with the Iranian revolution. Thanks to ‘live blogging”, big internationals organs of the press, were able to follow the situation without sending correspondents in the field.

Twitter seems fantastic, however there are some usual terms to respect: It is just a tool, you are the one who has to turn it into a relay for your organisation and for instance, to make it more popular.

- Searching for contacts with same interest. It is not worth having 1000 followers if only 10 of them are interested in your actions.
- Activate your network, read related publications, reply to requests.
- Be appealing. Signing up without giving life to your account is useless: Reply to your messages, welcome your followers, and when you decide to follow someone, introduce yourself. You have 140 characters to do so!

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Margot Berg
Translation by Erika Olavarria wittwer
on 20/07/2009
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