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Internet use without any risks is a topic that concerns all parents. Here, we deliver two interesting propositions so that they are able to surf the web without any problems.

The first example is the "Internet Without Risks"  project, whose main objective is to raise awareness not only for children but also for parents and educators about responsible internet usage. The main content of the web portal is a series of 15 animations and interactive activities about the risks of the Internet mainly oriented for children between 7 and 12 years old. In addition, a glossary will be available with the most commonly used terms in the Web. 

In the portal, not only in the Episodes section but also in the Pedagogical Space, educational content is available for educators and motivators that allow children's guidance to safely use new technologies. Also, in the section " Who to go to?"  a listing is provided for national and international organizations that work on minor's defense and encouragement initiatives for the younger ones.

The "Events" section is very noticeable in which broadcasting activities are gathered that will be done within the project; educational workshops and children's contests, mini-contests for parents and professors, etc.  For those who manage Cyber-centers, they can become users of the Pedagogical Space. In the mentioned section several records can be found, that are associated with the different portal topics in which ideas are proposed to carry out group activities with children. For more information contact CEDETEL through email or telephone number 983 54 65 02.

The second proposition is KIDO'Z for a safe environment and easy to use for children's internet surfing that allows taking children between 3 and 7 years old to better and most relevant content in the web. Kido'z is evolving and each time a new version is available, the one you have installed will be updated automatically. It's very simple, you just need to unload KIDO'Z and to register. 

This application offers a different interface, simple and colorful that children could use even if they don't know how to read, to visit web pages, watch videos and play some games. Evidently, the list of web pages that can be visited and the video that can be watched is supervised so that it can be appropriate for the child's age. Also, the downloads, scripts, popups,... are blocked to add security in web surfing. It also incorporates like the possibility to restrict sites, define time slots that can be used with the application. Kido'z is based on Adobe AIR and it can be used for free, even if in the future content is offered for pay, like videos or more games, in addition to offering it pre-installed in some manufacturer computers.   

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on 01/07/2009
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