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How do Non-governmental organizations use ICTs?

Laboratorio de Innovación social published an article which illustrates social sector's position regarding ITCs.

Laboratorio de innovación social is a Fundación Chandra's Project which aims to train those who work in third sector's entities in the use of Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) with the purpose of bringing about changes in the organizations's daily management and getting into the potential impact the new information technologies may have in the performance of their social mission through attending modules and online modules.

Laboratorio de Innovación's report How do Non-governmental organizations use ICTs in Spain? has been carried out by Fundación Chandra and Centro de Estudios Económicos Tomillo. It tries to asnwer questions such as Does Web 2.0 get to social entities? Is there such a digital rift as it seems between NGOs based in big cities and those based in smaller cities? Do Non-profit organizations use ICTs in order to make their work visible?

Through all the surveys gathered together in the more than 100 workshops given all over Spain by Laboratorio de Innovación Social, -a project subsidized by Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio through Plan Avanza which has been carried out during 2007 and 2008-, this research draws interesting conclusions about the relationship between NPOs and TICs.

Download here the report (Spanish)

Source: Canal Solidario


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Translation by Silvestre Álvarez Urbón
on 18/06/2009
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