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Internet for The Poor

Poverty is no longer that tattered old woman, begging and dressed in black. Poverty today has a thousand faces - happy ones, young ones, child-like ones, ones with dark skin and others with white gloves - but all of them would be subject to less poverty if they had the Internet at their disposal. With “Blog Action Day 2008 poverty” in mind, which takes place on 15 October, I want to share this post with you. Perhaps it'll make a child smile or bring a tear to the eye of a grown man.

Las TIC también son protagonistas necesarios en el sur del planeta.What good is the Internet for those in need?

The Internet provides a window to the world for the child who lives in poverty today. It will spark his curiosity, giving him the means to move forward, or simply to play and act like a child, allowing him to briefly put his adult responsibilities to the side.

The young person looking for work will be able to search for a job on the Web.

The woman who wants to learn will discover the largest library imaginable.

The immigrant will be able to maintain a link with his homeland, family and friends.

And that man who you see in the subway or on the street will gain a permanent electronic address and stable surroundings. From here he can construct a new network of relationships and dream of becoming anyone he wants... dream... dream... of that step towards regaining dignity and maybe even towards being able to look back and meet those people who at one time knew you as a whole person, and maybe, just maybe, you'll become reacquainted.

Information about the price of rice in international markets protects farmers from abuse from first world countries and communication with human beings breaks down barriers of exclusion.

It isn't necessary to fill encyclopaedias with examples in order to understand the impact that the Internet has on people's lives, especially when it becomes problematic to maintain contact in other ways.

Enabling those who live in poverty to access the Internet is one of those things that costs next to nothing but is an enormous investment. It's also one of those things that any one of us can help out with, whether it be to a large or small extent. Doing this, we not only share our connection, but also the knowledge required to use tools that open doors to information and communication.

Thank you for sharing.

Translation by Jessie Linardi
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