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Have you ever worked out the cost of telephone calls for your organisation?

There are several alternatives to traditional telephoning, and some of them are free of charge.

Skype is one of them. A revolutionary tool!

Skype is a free programme for talking over the internet.
You can talk free of charge to whomever you wish provided they are connected to the internet and also have the Skype programme on their computer... and for NGOs who need to be constant contact with their members abroad Skype offers a considerable saving.
Skype takes up about 10MB, is easy to install and uninstall and requires no adjustments for your computer or your router.
More than 8 million people now use Skype to communicate, all over the world.... and we can try to connect with them, since you can find them in your browser.

Download Skype, create your user's account and cut costs for your organisation.

Translation by Lyndon Pugh
on 04/05/2007
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