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Wednesday 4 th March 2015
When your memory fails, you can follow the procedure for retrieving the password using your mobile phone.

Monday 9 th February 2015
Creating a list on Twitter is simple. And understanding how to use it is easy as well. But can it be used as a viable means when it comes to managing our online profile?

Wednesday 10 th December 2014
Cotap is a free app for iOS, Android and the desktop that makes texting easier for team members.

Monday 6 th October 2014
A common question when publishing online is whether or not to justify a text. Taking a look at two important considerations will give us some insight into this question. 

Saturday 13 th September 2014
For weeks, the analysis platform Twitter, Twitter Analytics, is open to all users of the social network, which can thus know the real impact of their messages.

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