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Wednesday 13 th July 2016
Enrique San Juan, a strategic consultant, is here to give us some key tips on how non-profit organisations can really get the most out of their social media accounts.

Wednesday 15 th June 2016
This way of communication can help create a corporate image of the organisation and its activities. We introduce you to 5 simple tools within the reach of non-profit entities.

Wednesday 25 th May 2016
Content and style are two important elements. You also have to keep in mind some tricks for coming first in search engine results.

Monday 16 th May 2016
Zentrum Coaching is a project promoted by Mònica Moles, coach and economist, who specialises in third sector organisations and social enterprising projects.

Wednesday 27 th April 2016
The Ithaca Foundation offers advice for natural persons and legal entities, such as NGOs, with 10% credited to the entity of your choice.

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